Our new Onguard – Long cherished wishes come true


Our new Onguard unveiled – Long cherished wishes come true

Pride. That’s the first thing I feel. It was preceded by a period of hard work, and today is the day we finally unveil Onguard. A fresh design, a lovely new logo, a new pay off, but above all, a beautiful new company, emerging from two strong organisations. With great pride, I present to you, on behalf of the entire company: our new Onguard. In which we focus on the entire Order to Cash chain.

To be able to continue making our contribution as a company in this changing world, where terms such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and FinTech buzz around your ears, innovation is extremely important. And so it is for us too. OnGuard and Credit Tools announced their merger at the end of last year. A tricky job to merge these strong companies, but we managed. We have combined the best of both worlds: the international cloud of OnGuard, and the technological advances of Credit Tools. In this, we laid the basis for the newly created FinTech-company: Onguard. It is our mission to embrace digital transformation and to focus continuously on innovation, new technologies and knowledge sharing to offer our customers a financially sound future.

Redefining Order to Cash

The increasing chaos in this fast-paced and dynamic world obviously requires well-aligned processes and a structure to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. Money is crucial and its flow should be unhampered within an enterprise. Good cash flow after all guarantees business continuity, innovation and ultimately, growth. We are well aware of this, and the new Onguard, therefore, offers a complete platform to assist in solving all the issues that may arise within the Order to Cash chain. In short, due to all the technological developments, credit management is no longer the ‘boring brother’ of finance, and it fulfills an increasingly important role in business management. Our new logo and the new pay off  ‘Redefining Order to Cash’ clearly indicate that innovation and change are the new constants.

Wishes come true

Our big wish – to become a large FinTech company – is coming true today. And to me, that feels like a giant step forward. Of course, we also want the wishes of our customers, relationships and partners – so yours – to come true. That is why we have designed a wishing well, especially for this beautiful milestone, both physically and digitally. The coins are ready to be cast in the well during the Credit Expo in Nieuwegein on 2 November. For those who won’t be able to go to the Credit Expo, this link will enable them to find the digital wishing well, where you can cast your digital coin into the fountain and submit your wish. All wishes will be collected, and we will make sure the most unique and most beautiful wish really do come true, just as it happened with us.

Because we were the first, we are the biggest, and with you, we want to stay the best. Welcome to Onguard.

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