Safeguarding your digital fort: top security tips for Data Privacy Day

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As we approach Data Privacy Day on January 28th, it’s crucial to reflect on the importance of securing our digital lives in an era where information is more valuable than ever. At Onguard, we understand the significance of data security not just on this day but throughout the entire year. To celebrate Data Privacy Day, we’re delving into some essential security tips and tricks that can help you to vault your digital presence.

VPN: Shield your connections

In a world where remote work and online interactions have become the norm, safeguarding your internet connection is paramount. The first line of defence in our acronym is “V,” representing the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Employing a VPN like NordVPN, Surfshark, etc, ensures that your connection is encrypted, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access. Whether you’re accessing your company’s database or conducting personal transactions, a VPN creates a secure tunnel for your data, shielding it from potential cyber threats.

Account security: Fortify your digital identity

Your online accounts are the gateways to your digital life. “A” emphasises the significance of account security. Avoid the common pitfall of sharing login details and consider utilising a password manager, such as 1Password or Google Passwords, to keep your credentials safe. Password managers not only help you create strong, unique passwords for each account but also manage shared account information securely. At Onguard, it’s in our company policy to use password managers to ensure stringent security measures for both our and our customers’ security. Strengthening your digital identity with robust account security measures is a fundamental step towards safeguarding your personal and professional information.

Untrustworthy sources: stay wary, stay safe

The “U” in our acronym serves as a reminder to be cautious of untrustworthy sources online. Phishing attempts, scam emails, and malicious websites pose significant threats to your data privacy. In order to protect yourself, make sure to double-check URLs and verify the authenticity of emails, especially in the case where you are asked to share personal information.With cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, staying one step ahead by questioning the legitimacy of online communications is crucial.

Locking screens: a simple yet effective measure

Locking screens might sound like a basic practice, but it’s a powerful deterrent against unauthorised access. Whether you’re stepping away from your desk or leaving your laptop unattended, locking your screen adds an extra layer of protection. By doing so, you ensure that confidential information remains secure, even in shared or public spaces. Remember, the simplest precautions can often be the most effective in maintaining data privacy.

Two-factor authentication: double up on security

The final letter in our acronym highlights the importance of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Adding an extra layer of authentication beyond your password significantly enhances your account security. With 2FA, even if your password is compromised, an additional verification step is required, making it exponentially more challenging for unauthorised individuals to access your accounts. Enabling 2FA wherever possible is a proactive measure to fortify your digital defences.

Commitment to security, all day, year-round

At Onguard, security is our priority 365 days a year. We recognise the critical role that security plays in today’s digital landscape, and while we emphasise these security tips on Data Privacy Day, it’s important to note that commitment to data protection extends throughout the entire year.

As we commemorate Data Privacy Day, let’s collectively embrace a culture of cybersecurity. By integrating these security tips into our daily routines, we not only protect ourselves but contribute to a safer digital environment for everyone. Stay safe, stay secure!

For any Visma company, security is a year-round effort. To learn more about security at Visma, click here.


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