How does your order-to-cash work?

Every organisation has to deal with the order-to-cash process, or the process that starts with a customer order and ends with the payment of the invoice. An organisation sells a product or service and would like to be paid in return. It sounds simple, but it is a process that consists of many steps that all have to fit together seamlessly. Onguard has streamlined the process into one, integrated platform ensuring your organisation efficiency and effective control of the entire process. As a result, you will benefit from a lower DSO, stronger customer relationships, higher working capital, amongst others!

Our integrated platform offers you solutions for every step in the order-to-cash process; from risk management to invoicing, payment processing, debtor management and collection to, if necessary, the transfer to the bailiff. The Onguard API platform gives customers and trusted partners the opportunity to exchange (near) real-time data in a safe and modern way. The exchange is possible between applications and databases of the customer, the database of Onguard products and trusted partners who specialize in supporting the customer’s order-to-cash process.

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