Economic uncertainty highlights the importance of proper credit management


The finance professional’s role is dynamic, and the COVID-19 crisis has made it even more crucial in organisations, with an increasing involvement in (digital) strategy. Currently, the profession is once again facing a number of challenges. The turbulent economic situation is making organisations more cautious, resulting in fewer innovations and less investment. Organisations are more cautious when granting loans, for instance, and credit policies have been tightened. As a result, organisations are also facing payment delays, and this is reflected in the figures.

Onguard asked over three hundred Dutch CFOs, finance managers and finance staff how economic uncertainty is affecting their organisation’s credit management and how they are coping with the challenges involved. The results are compiled in this research report – the 2023 FinTech Barometer.

About the FinTech Barometer

Each year, Onguard surveys how Dutch finance professionals view current trends and developments: economic uncertainty and credit management. The survey is called the FinTech Barometer and is conducted for the sixth time this year. The survey involved 311 respondents working as CFOs, in finance management or as finance professionals.

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