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We offer an integrated platform of software solutions that help make your order to cash process more efficient and effective, while maintaining a sustainable relationship with your customers.

order to cash

Our integrated platform ensures an optimal connection of all processes in the
order to cash chain and allows sharing of critical data.

Intelligent tools that can seamlessly be interconnected and together offer an overview and control of
the payment process, as well as contribute to a sustainable customer relationship.


We are living in a fast and dynamic world.
Its increasing frenzy demands perfectly coordinated processes.
A structure to make everything run smoothly. Money is crucial and the economy’s lubricant. Working capital must not be inactive, but in motion. After all, a healthy cash flow ensures continuity of the business, innovation, and thus growth.

All this requires a partner who proactively participates and understands what order to cash requires. In the last 20 years, Onguard has evolved from being a specialist in credit management software to being a market leader in innovative solutions for order to cash.
The video shows how we do this.

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