At Onguard, customer success, service and support are of paramount importance. Within our company, we do everything to advise and guide you to the best results with your new order-to-cash software. From the moment you have chosen our software, you are assigned to one of our customer success managers. Together with our consultants, they will guide you to a successful implementation. Your appointed customer success manager remains your point of contact. He or she ensures that you will optimally use your software. In case you would like to make changes to the software, you can discuss this with your contact. Of course, our Service Centre and Support team are always available in case of a software incident. If you have any user questions, you can visit our Customer Portal or contact the Service Centre.

Service in all phases

Customer Success

    - Central point of contact
      - Involved throughout the customer life cycle


Implementation in 7 steps


    - For users and administrators
      - Train the trainer program
        - Document building

Service Center/

    - Support requests
      - User questions
        - Use of Customer Portal

Ensuring our customer’s success

We aim to serve our customers to the max and guide them to the best results. Our team of customer success managers keep an eye on the needs of our customers. They are your central point of contact and remain involved throughout the customer life cycle. The goal of our customer success managers is not just the optimal deployment of your order-to-cash solution, but also to ensure a happy customer journey. We welcome your feedback, so we can improve our solutions and services continuously.


After choosing a new order-to-cash or credit management solution, it is time to take the next step on your way to a successful implementation. Our customer success managers, together with our consultants will guide your implementation team through our ‘implementation-in-7-steps’ method. We will work closely together; from the blueprint-phase to set up, training/acceptation-test to go-live, aftercare and project evaluation. After all, good preparation determines 90% of the success.


For you to have an expeditious start with your Onguard software, we offer training courses for users and administrators. In the hands-on training, you will learn all the ins and outs to get the most out of your software. Please contact us to further discuss which training suits your organisation and employees best. Alternatively, you can take a look at our training page.

Service Centre / Support

We realise that our software is an important link in your business process. You can, therefore, expect that the support on our solutions is properly arranged.

From the moment the implementation is fully completed, our Service Centre is at your disposal to answer all your questions about using the software. You also get access to the Customer Portal where you will find release notes, manuals and frequently asked questions. In the portal you have the option to submit support requests and, naturally, you have access to the status of that request. Moreover, we would like to hear your suggestions and potential improvements to our software.

The Onguard Support team is available on workdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CEST) via the customer portal, by telephone, e-mail or live chat. Go directly to the support page.


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