Dudok Wonen automates the debit process with Credit Tools software.


More time and space for personal contact with clients.

Dudok Wonen recently implemented the credit management Credit Tools software. As a result, the rent collection process has been greatly automated, leaving more time and space for personal contact with clients. This fits with Dudok Wonen’s vision with regard to the care for the living.

Dudok Wonen has been working quite a while already with the ERP package Viewpoint. Until recently, they also used this package for the financial administration and with that, the collection of rent.  However, Dudok Wonen ran into problems with the limited options in regards to the digitalisation of tasks. For example, the automatic sending of letters was only possible once a month, and the follow-up was done manually by use of call lists. Even client information wasn’t directly comprehensive. In order to automate this process, Dudok Wonen chose for a supplemental credit management package; CreditManager from Credit Tools.

Customer segmentation and workflows

“The automated debit process leads to a large improvement in efficiency. Not only do we have more transparency into our arrears in rent and commitments, we also know exactly what our DSO is and which tasks must be handled daily. Overall, it provides us with more possibilities and more time to approach our tenants in an easier, quicker and more personal way; in a way that suits them.

That is precisely what we want to focus on. Therefore, customer segmentation and workflows play an important role for us. For example, we can approach young tenants by text or email, with the option to pay directly by e-mail. For older tenants, mail or telephone is often an easier form of contact. In other words, tailor made contact. That certainly also has its advantages in making appointments and solving possible payment problems,” says Martin Hordijk, employee Debt Collection and Housing Fraud at Dudok Wonen.

“In the future, we expect the customer segmentation and thereby the workflows to expand, e.g. in relation to property type and customer segmentation. The module Direct Debit is also an interesting module for us. In addition to invoices getting paid faster, collection on these invoices is also cheaper, even when the amounts are small. In the long run, it’s not necessary to send any mail. We definitely see enough possibilities to make further use of the credit management software.

About Dudok Wonen

Dudok Wonen is a private social enterprise in the field of care for the living. We manage approximately 8800 properties in the market for rental housing, commercial premises, ground leases and parking in the Gooi and surrounding area. Dudok Wonen is guided by their belief in the power of the people. They are transparent in their work and in the responsibilities of their accomplished initiatives. In order to meet their social goals, Dudok Wonen operates as a long-term investor, focusing on value creation. To serve people who are unable to realise housing on their own.

They’ve been doing this for more than 100 years, and want to continue doing this for another 100 years, as long as society requires it. Dudok Wonen realises a lasting return on assets invested in real estate. In the field of work, people will be in the need of products and services for a long time coming. Because Dudok Wonen chooses for their current and future customers, they also choose for the preservation of assets. This choice provides a voice to the residents of the future. Find out more about Dudok Wonen.

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