"Our credit and risk management procedures are now rock solid"

Rotocoat, part of ROTO Group, provides corrosion-prevention solutions that extend the lifespan of steel constructions. The company specialises in hot-dip galvanisation and in applying protective powder coatings to steel. These surface treatments not only enhance the appearance of steel constructions, but provide lasting protection against the elements.

Human interaction is crucial

Rotocoat started working with CreditManager in 2014. Since then, van Komen has seen a huge improvement: “CreditManager automates repetitive tasks, such as issuing payment reminders. We can see at a glance which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding, so we always know the customer’s account status. The automation of certain tasks enables us to work more efficiently, so we can spend more time keeping in touch with our customers. Human interaction is crucial and makes a big difference. If, for example, we notice that a customer has not paid invoices that would normally have been paid, we immediately pick up the phone. We enquire whether there is problem and immediately try to find a solution. We can then note the information down in CreditManager, together with any agreements and/or follow-up actions.”


Repeat customers are a valuable asset

“We apply our credit management procedures to all new customers. Among other things we look at their revenue and decide whether we need to arrange credit insurance. We try to reduce the risks from the start, not only for ourselves, but also for the customer. We note this information in CreditManager per customer so we can always refer to it later if we need to,” says van Komen. “At Rotocoat, we are methodical and we want to be able to deliver the consistent quality and service we promise our customers. CreditManager helps us do this.

By making the best use of the software, we can quickly identify problems and solve them. For example, we can see where customers get stuck in the credit management process and take appropriate action. After applying our segmentation method, depending on the type of customer, we will either call or send an email. The software enables us to communicate with our customers individually so we can provide excellent service. It also means that our customers know exactly what they can expect from us. We are clear and professional in our communication and always stick to our agreements, so our customers keep coming back. And repeat business is a valuable asset.”

“CreditManager enables us to monitor customer payments in real-time and identify negative changes in payment performance.”

Tjaard van Komen, Credit Controller

A little history

Tjaard van Komen is responsible for credit and risk management at Rotocoat and handles it together with a colleague. A few years ago, the Credit Control department concluded that its existing software did not always provide the customer experience it aimed to deliver. So, in 2014, the decision was made to switch to Onguard’s CreditManager. Since the start, van Komen has been involved with the selection and implementation, and he now uses the CreditManager solution on a daily basis.

A little history

Why Onguard?

After an extensive selection process, Rotocoat decided on Onguard’s CreditManager. “Our previous accounting package only supported standard features. To ensure the ongoing professionalisation of our company, we needed a software package with integrated scheduling, follow-up actions, workflows and communication options. CreditManager met all our needs so we decided to purchase it. We discussed our requirements with Onguard and they implemented the software in stages. After testing and fine-tuning, we were able to start working with the solution. Onguard provided excellent support and we can still contact them if we have any questions. One of the main benefits of CreditManager is that it can be tailored to our needs, and Onguard is very flexible and always finds a solution for us. The software is easy to work with and we are extremely satisfied with its performance.

Before partnering with Onguard, one of our goals was to ensure that our credit and risk management procedures are rock solid. Now they are!” - van Komen

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