Rotocoat optimizes credit and risk management

Rotocoat’s mission is to provide corrosion-prevention solutions that extend the lifespan of steel constructions.

The company specialises in the hot-dip galvanising of steel and in applying protective powder coatings to galvanised) steel, aluminium and stainless steel. These surface treatments enhance the appearance of steel constructions while providing lasting protection against the elements. Rotocoat has branches in Dieren, Heerhugowaard, Kampen and Wolvega in the Netherlands. They employ about 300 people and are part of the ROTO group. The four Rotocoat companies work in close partnership and handle the entire process, from applying the surface treatments to invoicing the customer. Rotocoat is a trusted partner and seeks to make life as easy as possible for its customers. Clear communication, reliable agreements, dependable delivery times, excellent quality and service and a high degree of flexibility all play an important part in enabling the company to fulfil its promise. The organisation also needs the right tools and resources.

Human interaction is still very important

Rotocoat started working with CreditManager in 2014. Since then, Van Komen has seen a huge improvement: “CreditManager automates repetitive tasks, such as issuing payment reminders. We can see at a glance which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding, so we always know the customer’s account status. The automation of certain tasks enables us to work more efficiently, so we can spend more time keeping in touch with our customers. Human interaction is still very important and makes a big difference. If, for example, we notice that a customer has not paid invoices that would normally have been paid, we immediately pick up the phone. We enquire whether there is a problem and immediately try to find a solution. We note the information in CreditManager, together with any agreements and/or follow-up actions.”

Tjaard van Komen / Credit Controller
Tjaard van Komen / Credit Controller:
"The email function in CreditManager allows us to communicate efficiently with our customers."
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