“Our wishes and experiences are used for further development of the products.”

Bierens Incasso Advocaten is the debt collection specialist both at home and abroad. They have been offering the best possible results for business debt collection in Europe for over 65 years. With offices in cities including Veghel, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Antwerp, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai, they ensure that outstanding invoices are paid as soon as possible.

The challenge

With knowledge and experience in various areas including debt collection, commercial law, contract law, international private law and insolvency law, Bierens achieves maximum returns for all companies. To devote as much time as possible to its clients, Bierens uses Collector for its accounts receivable management and documentation. Bierens also uses MatchMaker for payment reconciliations. More than 115 national and international lawyers and staff members work daily with Onguard solutions.


A partner rather than supplier

Sander Bierens, Lawyer and Owner of Bierens Incasso Advocaten explains why they chose Onguard: “We were looking for an application that was able to cope with the rapid expansion of our firm at the time. The application not only had to meet our progressive international requirements, but it was also important for us to be able to continue to develop it. For that reason we were looking not for a supplier but for a partner that was able to develop the optimum application together with us. Onguard met these requirements.”

Learning from each other

“The intense partnership between Bierens and Onguard ensures that our applications work properly and are continuously improved. We discuss the changes in new releases during our periodic meetings. This includes wishes based on experience and development,” says Sander Bierens. Mireille van Erp, Quality Services Manager adds: “We pass on our knowledge to Onguard and they use it to build and develop the software. Onguard uses our needs based on practical experience to optimise the solution for us. That way, we learn from each other.”

Learning from each other

Access at any time, in any place

Onguard solutions are multilingual and multi-currency: this crucial since Bierens operates internationally, and each office can now work with the same system. Administrators are easily able to intelligently organise various templates, which enhances user-friendliness. Digital files can be accessed securely, at any time and from any place. The most important reasons to opt for Onguard solutions:

  • Working digitally is promoted
  • Working efficiently is facilitated
  • Improved service for our international clients
  • The system supports all languages and currencies
  • Templates can be intelligently organised

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