• A reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

  • Digital dunning letters and reminders for the customer

  • The same work is being done with fewer FTEs

  • The organisation is working in a more environmentally-friendly way because everything is done digitally

  • Adequate recording of complaints and payment agreements through complaint management together with good contacts and a good relationship with the customer lead to faster payment of the invoices

WVDB Adviseurs Accountants is a multidisciplinary organisation in the financial services sector. Accountants, tax advisers, corporate finance specialists, HR consultants, lawyers and notaries can be found under one roof. This unique combination is the result of a strategic alliance maintained by WVDB Adviseurs Accountants and VDB Advocaten Notarissen. This offers businesses a ‘onestop shop’ for accessing this specialist expertise. WVDB was established almost seventy years ago and serves the southern part of the Netherlands with over 320 staff spread across two offices.

WVDB is innovative, likes to be seen as a business-minded friend to SMEs and always focuses on the entrepreneur. According to Wladimir de Kok, Credit Management Manager, the flawless execution of the credit management process is thereby very important. The purchase of a user-friendly credit management solution was one of the priorities in order to be able to optimise this process. WVDB has now been using Onguard’s software for eight years. De Kok talks about his experiences with Onguard’s CreditManager.

Wladimir de Kok WVDB
“The complaint management makes it possible to analyse complaints and tackle the root of the problem.”

Wladimir de Kok
Credit Management Manager / WVDB