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Infographic: Current trends in the order-to-cash-process

What trends are expected to have the greatest impact on the order-to-cash (O2C) process? And what kind of impact will they have? Onguard explains their answers in this infographic.


Using ERP for credit management? There’s a better way

Order to cash (O2C) is a complicated process, and to do it successfully, you’re going to need a lot of different tools at your disposal. ERP in conjunction with credit management software improves cash flow.


Reconciliation and technology – a match made in heaven

Manual reconciliation is a waste of time and a risk: a human error can occur! Off course, this is not a process that can be 100% automated, but 80% of the payments can be matched using software.


Is my company too small for a credit management policy?

All organisations, no matter how big or small, have to deal with customers that pay late or not at all. From large multinationals to the SME sector and sole traders: no business is immune to late- or non-payers.


Automation. Less administration, more insight: let specialised software do the work

It sounds easy enough: keep track of who pays their invoices when and ensure that it takes place on time. Credit managers are well aware that this is a complicated process.


5 things to look for when selecting new business software

Choosing the right software might sound like an easy task – but there are thousands of options out there, with products that do different things and solutions at varying levels of complexity (and cost).


Better Processes: What’s in it for your customer?

While improving your business processes can provide an array of benefits for your organisation, it can also improve your relationship with clients.

technical overview

From Big Data to Cloud Computing: It’s time to join the innovation wagon

if you’re in one of the industries that are lagging behind, now is the perfect time get on the innovation wagon (and acting quickly could really help to put you ahead of the competition). And if you’re in one of the more up-to-date industries, you need to keep innovating to avoid falling behind.