What is order-to-cash?

Order-to-cash is the process that starts with a customer order and ends with the payment of the invoice. An organisation sells a product or service and would like to be paid in return. It sounds simple, but it is a process that consists of many steps that all have to fit together seamlessly. Onguard has streamlined the process onto one, integrated platform ensuring your organisation efficiency and effectively control the entire process.

Why do I need an order-to-cash platform?

An integrated order-to-cash platform will help you lower your DSO, ensure stronger customer relationships, enable you to make informed decisions that will minimise risk and secure your working capital. Furthermore, an integrated order-to-cash platform ensures real-time data and information is shared between your different tools and throughout your organisation.

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Download our whitepaper on the order-to-cash platform

What solutions in the order-to-cash chain does Onguard offer?

Onguard offers every chain in the order-to-cash process, either through our own software solutions or in partnership with other best of breed solutions. Onguard's own solutions are MatchMaker, CreditManager, Collector.

Download our whitepaper on the order-to-cash platform

Does Onguard have APIs?

Onguard integrates all our solutions and our partners solutions on an API platform, giving our customers a fully integrated order-to-cash platform; from the sale to payment. From risk management to the handover to the bailiff if necessary, Onguard’s order-to-cash platform links to all processes within the order-to-cash chain through APIs.

Download our whitepaper on how Onguard uses APIs to connect our order-to-cash platform

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