Visma | Onguard becomes Onguard

Onguard rebranding

In 2022, Onguard made important choices which impacted the product portfolio. We now introduce a new proposition and branding that complements this renewed strategy.

As part of our company’s rebranding initiative, we are strategically pivoting our attention away from order-to-cash solutions, placing a strong emphasis on credit management. This strategic decision aligns with our vision to provide comprehensive and specialised services in credit management, catering to the evolving needs of our clients while prioritising future-proof solutions. Enhanced profitability, fast payments and predictable cash flow through smart credit management is what we prioritise. Bottom line: we help our customers get paid quicker.

We wanted to take some of the good things from our past with us into the future, and together with some of the best designers from Visma, we came up with our own unique identity to show you who we are even better than before. We look forward to continuing our important work under our new name and logo.

bottom line: you want to get paid quicker

The mission

Onguard’s mission is to make companies financially healthy. We help you get paid, and get paid quicker, because better cash flow leads to improved profitability. Our credit management solutions combine internal and external data to get a thorough understanding of debtor payment behaviour. This lets you identify, assess and control financial risks and create smarter and more considerate communication around unsettled invoices. Which in turn leads to faster payments, fewer write-offs and lower customer churn.

Onguard remains part of Visma, with more than 30 years experience in facilitating optimised working capital through smart credit management. Bottom line, we provide quality time with your customers by handling the day-to-day operations.


  1. Why did you rebrand from Visma | Onguard to Onguard?
    Our rebranding is in line with Visma’s newest strategy of having a “House of Brands” (previously “Branded House”). With this strategy we are able to maintain our own unique identity.
  2. Are you still a part of Visma?
    As a proud member of the Visma family, we continue to benefit from their resources, including product development, security, and customer service. You can continue to expect the same exceptional level of service from us.
  3. Does the rebranding affect Onguard’s products and services?
    Yes, as part of our rebranding, we are pivoting our attention away from order-to-cash solutions and placing a strong emphasis on our credit management solutions. This allows us to provide specialised services that cater to the evolving needs of our clients.
  4. How does the new branding complement your new proposition and strategy?
    The new branding reflects our renewed emphasis on credit management and highlights our commitment to providing comprehensive and specialised services in this area. It represents our vision to help our clients achieve enhanced profitability, fast payments, and predictable cash flow through smart credit management.
  5. Will the rebranding impact the level of support and customer service you provide?
    No, the rebranding will not impact Onguard’s level of support and customer service. It allows us instead to focus on what’s most important – our customers.
  6. Will the rebranding affect my existing agreements and contracts with you?
    No, the rebranding will not affect your existing agreements and contracts with Onguard. All contractual obligations and commitments remain unchanged.
  7. How can I learn more about your credit management solutions?
    Visit our solutions page to explore the details of our credit management solutions. Alternatively you can get in touch with us with any further questions.



Working at Onguard: Meet Denise 

She has been with Onguard for 6 years, she started as an intern to climb to an Event Manager, and she effectively shares her energy between two roles in the company! This is Denise Rossen, Event Manager, Onguard, and All-round Marketer, Outstanding24. 

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Onguard joins UN Global Compact

Following Visma’s example in 2022, Onguard is now a member of the UN Global Compact Network Netherlands, officially committing to align its operations with the Ten Principles for responsible business practices and drive awareness in the corporate world. 


Working at Onguard: Meet Jordy

When he was a child, he wanted to become a pastry chef. At 21 years old, he had his own business providing IT services to small companies. And in his free time, he is a music producer! This is Jordy Zijp, team lead at the CreditManager Customer Service department.