Our debt collection solution


Debt collection is the fifth step in the order-to-cash chain. Order-to-cash is a process that starts with a customer order and ends with the payment of the invoice.

For various reasons, some payments require a different approach. In our debt collection module, Collector, unpaid invoices are addressed and followed up and handled on a case-by-case basis. The module supports both amicable settlement and legal action workflows and automatically calculates late-payment surcharges and interest.

Your benefits

Process optimisation

Increased efficiency

Fulfilling legislation and regulations

Higher employee satisfaction


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Additional Modules

Although Collector in its most basic configuration has all the features to allow a collection or special management department to perform optimally, a number of specific additional modules are available.


You can manually book Inbound bank payments into the files. However, the MatchMaker module makes it possible to automatically have the bank files match with the outstanding files and to process the matched payments directly. MatchMaker is compatible with virtually all European banks.


Inbound e-mails are scanned, both the subject line and the body text. If a file number is found, the mail is automatically assigned to the file and the relevant processor receives a notification.


This module links inbound mail documents to the files. The relevant case-handler receives an e-mail notification and adds the item to the schedule to process the mail.

Special Collections

Thanks to its efficient and sophisticated filing, Special collections departments of banks and major companies also use Collector. The Fraud module determines the amount in fraud, files a report with the police, prepares the documents for court and finally, follows the legal process up to the eventual payment or write-off.

Credit Apps

Credit apps are plug-ins that can be used to expand the basic functionality of Collector and to adjust it to an industry or company. For instance, a Mortgage app for the overdue department of a mortgage bank, Weblinks app for efficient search queries in social media, apps for links with information agencies or bailiffs, timesheet app for lawyers, the possibilities are endless.

Technical Highlights

  • Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher
  • Clients - C#.Net
  • Webclients - ASP.Net
  • Reporting - Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Letters - Word / PDF / HTML / XML
  • E-mail - SMTP or Outlook
  • Development method - Scrum
  • Implementation - Prince2

Easy Integration of Collector

The collections software easily integrates into your corporate environment. As a result, many of our customers opt for the cloud solution. Of course, local installation is also possible. The cloud solution offers you great advantages:
  • Firstly, access to your workload and/or administrations, anywhere, anytime;
  • Secondly, focus on your core activities and no extra pressure on your internal IT department;
  • Thirdly, efficient support by our support desk;
  • And fourthly, maximum security.
Moreover, this default software is highly configurable. Thus keeping our solutions flexible, even in complex situations.
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