Our Cash Allocation solution


Incoming payment processing is a laborious task, especially when using manual tools like spreadsheets. Onguard’s intelligent cash allocation software MatchMaker, uses technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to match and process incoming payments to outstanding debtor invoices. MatchMaker automates the cash allocation process, saving your credit managers time so they can focus on higher-risk debtors and exceptions.

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Overview of matched results
MatchMaker filters unmatched rows and only displays payments that need to be processed manually. This is the “To-Do List” for the day.


Intelligent matching rules and algorithms
These can be flexibly configured to maximise automatic matches.

Journal entries

to account system
Once all of the transactions have been processed, the system creates a journal entry that is transmitted to your ERP or accounting system.

Automatic remittance

Capturing and processing of payment details
from emails, images and pdf-files

Automatic processing

of payment discount lines
The system also suggests possible matches for payments that have yet to be reconciled so you spend less time searching.

All bank formats

with multi-language and multi-currency
Support for a broad set of bank file formats; SEPA support

Automated distribution of payments

    - to integrate with any financial package.
      - extensive process controls within the booking process

Easy integration

with our other order-to-cash solutions
- CreditManager - Collector

Your benefits

Automatically match at least 80% of payments

Save time and money

Increase employee productivity

Direct or manual matches

Debit and credit invoices

Several ledger accounts

Integrated with all ERP systems and accounting packages

Cloud based solution

Multi language and multi-currency

Specific matching methods

For the automatic matching process, a number of criteria exist that a found match has to meet. You can supplement these with standard criteria, such as invoice number, debtor number and/or zip code, combined with the amount paid. MatchMaker offers even more. It also allows you to match based on other criteria with the help of complex reconciliation algorithms and big data. For instance, reconciliation can be based on purchase number, payment service provider, customer number and payment specifications. Through Artificial intelligence and RPA, MatchMaker comes up with multiple suggestions for further (manual) processing for the remaining workload, thus allowing you to process it fast and easy.

Multiple ledger accounts

You can easily split payments and book overpaid or underpaid amounts to various ledger accounts, such as interest, costs or payment discounts granted.

Debt invoices and credit notes

You can automatically generate a credit note to credit an amount. Moreover, you can match the debit invoices and credit notes, without any payment being required. Download our Cash allocation factsheet

Technical Highlights

  • Database - SQLServer 2008R2 / SQL Server 2012
  • Clients - Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (.NetFramework 4.0)
  • Reporting - DevExpress or Microsoft Reporting Services (option)
  • Development method - Scrum
  • Implementation - Prince2
MatchMaker's efficiency and added value increase when used in combination with our credit management solution, Credit Manager. Integrating the two solutions allows for a steady flow of information and data to be shared, thus allowing for faster and smarter decision-making both in CreditManager and MatchMaker.

Easy Integration

Our cash allocation software solution can easily be integrated into your corporate environment. As a result, many of our customers opt for a cloud solution. Of course, local installation is also possible. The cloud solution offers you great advantages:
  • Access to your workload and/or administrations, anywhere, anytime
  • Focus on your core activities and no extra pressure on your internal IT department
  • Efficient support by our support desk
  • Maximum security
Moreover, this default software is highly configurable. That keeps our solutions flexible, even in complex situations.
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