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Automatic reconciliation of payment processing

Onguard believes in the power of an efficient Order to Cash process. Onguard’s seamlessly interconnected complete Order to Cash platform offers an overview and control of the entire payment process while maintaining and nurturing customer relationships.

Cash allocation is the third link in the Order to Cash chain. It refers to the matching and processing of incoming payments against accounts receivables. Incoming payments processing is a laborious task, especially when dealing with a high number of debtors. Using manual tools like spreadsheets further exacerbates the problem. Onguard’s cash allocation software MatchMaker automates the entire process so you can focus on the exceptions.

Our cash allocation and reconciliation solution

Onguard’s solution MatchMaker automates at least 80% of the process of reconciling outstanding invoices. This not only provides accurate payment processing but it also saves your credit managers a lot of time. Our software uses complex reconciliation algorithms. This also makes it possible to match payments against other criteria. For example, based on purchase number, payment service provider, customer number and/or payment specifications.

The time saved by automatic your payment processes can be better used to focus on those customers that are struggling to meet their payments. Free up your credit managers time to focus on the exceptions that make a greater impact on your company’s cash flow.

Our credit management tool helps your organisation save time and contributes to a healthy, if not increasing, cash flow.

Why switch to MatchMaker?

  • Automate payment processing for at least 80% of payments
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Save time to rather focus on the exceptions
  • Increase your working capital


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