Working with partners who offer best-of-breed technology solutions to broaden the capabilities of our platform and services

Together with our partners, Onguard offers a fully integrated Order to Cash platform. This ensures that all processes in the Order to Cash chain are optimally connected, that you can share critical data and that you can ensure efficiency through best of breed solutions. All partnerships add value to the Order to Cash process. Therefore, our partners are carefully selected and we work closely with them to ensure we can offer our customers the best possible platform. Our aim is to provide experienced, leading solutions within the chain as well as offering local support to our costumers.

At Onguard we believe in long-term relationships with our customers and the partners within our Order to Cash chain. We hope to build a longterm, respectful relationship where both commercial success and fostering an inspiring cooperation are important. Continuous investment in each other, training programs, knowledge sharing and marketing support form the basis for every Onguard Partnership. Our customers consequently benefit the most from the strong relationship we build together.


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