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Ability for debtors to retrieve a downloadable copy of the invoice mentioned in the letter by clicking the generated link in the received letter, to get information about the exact details of an (overdue) open amount without having to contact the supplier.

About Onguard

About Onguard

In the last 25 years, Onguard has evolved from being a specialist in credit management software to being a market leader in innovative solutions for order-to-cash. Our integrated platform ensures an optimal connection of all processes in the order-to-cash chain and allows the sharing of critical data. Intelligent tools that can seamlessly be interconnected and together offer an overview and control of the payment process, as well as contribute to a sustainable customer relationship.

Every day, users in more than 50 countries use the Onguard platform for successful management and tangible results in order-to-cash and credit management. As of February 2020, Onguard is part of the Visma Group.

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