Graydon provides business intelligence solutions for Credit Management, Marketing Intelligence, Collections and Risk & Compliance. By combining data with business insights, Graydon helps companies to gain access to capital and to expand their knowledge in order to strengthen their competitive position. Graydon has offices in London, Amsterdam and Antwerp and uses a network of 130 international databases around the world with information of more than 90 million companies.

Graydon Collections

Customers not fulfilling their payment obligations is a challenge. This directly affects your profit margin, while the follow-up takes up a significant amount of time and energy. Arrears in invoices to customers abroad are especially challenging.

Conducting an informal conversation in a foreign language is one thing – debt collection calls are in a different league. Additionally, the laws and regulations may differ in each country. Collecting invoice payments from foreign customers is not a standard assignment.

When working with Graydon Incasso, you make use of local partners abroad. This means that your foreign debt collection cases are processed by specialists who speak the language and understand the rules and customs in the relevant country. This approach optimises the result of your debt collection cases. You will maintain a single Dutch point of contact for all your debt collection cases. This enables you to communicate your wishes in your own language. The specialist communicates these wishes to our local partners in the right way.

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