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Graydon uses the very latest technology in the field of Big Data and Business Intelligence and build new solutions for their customers in an agile way. These solutions help companies differentiate themselves from their competition, identify and exploit commercial opportunities and avoid risks.

Integration with CreditManager

Integration with CreditManager

  • Retrieve trustworthy and current risk indicators on debtor level through API’s
  • Create verified credit limit amounts based on up to date risk information
  • Real-time adjustments on debtor level when key risk indicators change
  • Display calamities, risk information and use these components in calculations, reports and decision making

About Graydon

Graydon provides business intelligence solutions for Credit Management, Marketing Intelligence, Collections and Risk & Compliance. By combining data with business insights, Graydon helps companies to gain access to capital and to expand their knowledge in order to strengthen their competitive position. Graydon has offices in London, Amsterdam and Antwerp and uses a network of 130 international databases around the world with information of more than 90 million companies.

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