E-Registered mail

E-Registered mail

“Sent document secure and with legal certainty”

From archive to cloud, from men to machine and from postman to email. The world around you is digitizing and also the Credit Management. With E-Registered Mail, documents can be sent efficiently, securely and legally.

Why E-Registered Mail?

Efficient, Printing, signing and physically sending documents, with E-Registered Mail it belongs to the past: You send important documents at the touch of a button. With the OnGuard link it is possible to make the service a fixed part of your credit management process. Think for example of sending the memory, 14 days letter, summons or welcome letter. You raise the attention value at the debtor and at the same time comply with the legal requirements that you otherwise obtain by E-Registered Mail, at a lower rate of that of a simple stamp.

Secure, The safe sending of important documents is a big responsibility, especially now that data leaks are increasingly punished. The fact that we take this responsibility seriously is demonstrated by our ISO27001 certificate. In addition, all data passes through data center on Dutch territory.

Legally, Our Registered Mails provide legal security in accordance with the eIDAS EU Regulation. As an independent third party, we establish who is communicating with who at what time. Important, especially when dealing with a conflict. By registering receipt and acceptance, you can prove that you have made every effort to provide a document for notifications.

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