Altares Dun & Bradstreet solution

Whether your business relations extend across cities or across the globe, Altares Dun & Bradstreet provides data, analysis and insights to manage risk with a clear vision. Live Business Identity – a cornerstone of our Data Cloud – keeps track of business activities and keeps our data constantly up to date so you can stay ahead of change.

Intregration with Onguard's CreditManager

Intregration with Onguard's CreditManager

Through our partnership with Altares D&B, we offer our customers access to global data, market-sensing predictive analytics and smart solutions in order to enable foresight and make the best business decisions. Within our credit management solution, CreditManager, customers subscribed to Altares D&B can access important risk indicators, like failure score, paydex and credit limits.

Furthermore, the integration gives an overview of historical ratings and any calamities of the debtor. This, in turn, provides customers with an increased ability to risk assess and estimate the credibility of their debtors. Based on this information you can easily and accurately segment your customers and determine the most effective dunning strategies.

  • Retrieve trustworthy and current risk indicators on debtor level through API’s
  • Create verified credit limit amounts based on up to date risk information
  • Real-time adjustments on debtor level when key risk indicators change
  • Display calamities, risk information and use these components in calculations, reports and decision making
About Altares D&B

About Altares D&B

Altares D&B helps organisations get an overview of their relationships by cleansing, structuring and providing valuable data for complete company profiles and adequate risk analyses. With their worldwide network, they maintain the world’s most comprehensive, commercial database and tackle the most complex data-related challenges.

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