Proud of our ISAE3402 Type II certification


We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our first ISAE3402 Type II audit and now have an ISAE3402 Type II report available.

Successful ISAE3402 Audit

Our external accountant EY has tested the operating effectiveness of the Onguard Control Framework. Within this framework, control objectives and control measures are included related to our internal processes such as Access Management, Supply Chain Management, Security Management, Change Management and Incident & Problem Management.

More and more organisations are outsourcing IT or other processes. This outsourcing ensures efficiency, but it also brings risks. Is information security properly regulated? How is privacy dealt with? The ISAE3402 standard is the standard for reliable outsourcing and provides answers to these questions. The ISAE3402 assurance report provides detailed insight into the way a service provider manages and secures their provided services and implements this in practice.  

“We are proud of our certifications. This demonstrates Onguard’s high standard when it comes to providing high-quality software solutions and services and optimal data security. Customers can rest easy knowing their data and information is secure with Onguard,” says Raymon van Viegen, CFO Onguard.

More information

For questions or more information about our certification and our ISAE3402 Type II assurance report, please contact our Security Officer Davey Heisen at