Involving stakeholders


Involving stakeholders in your credit management processes

There are two options for leading a credit management team. You can separate the team from the rest of the company, working as an isolated team to carry out credit checks and chase up invoices. Or you can start involving your stakeholders. For most credit management teams, the current way of working is likely to be somewhere in the middle – working as an independent unit most of the time, with occasional input from other teams as necessary. And it probably works out pretty well when you join forces with stakeholders from other areas, right? However, input from stakeholders from other areas of the company helps you to do your job better. After all, you all want the same thing. But how can you work with stakeholders from other areas and ensure that this cooperation becomes the norm for everyone?

“Input from other department’s stakeholders will help improve your work.”
DANIEL VAN DEN HOVEN – VP Partner & Alliances

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  • The importance of collaboration
  • Making credit management everyone’s business
  • Who are your stakeholders and how to reward them
  • Stepping our of the credit management shadow

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