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Webinar: Breakaway from risk

25 november 2021
00.00 am

A successful risk management programme helps an organisation consider the full range of risks it faces. Risk management also examines the relationship between risks and the cascading impact they can have on an organisation’s strategic goals.

Risk management is a mature branch of sport: it is not something to do on the side. It is essential to systematically map out risks, weigh them and cover them where necessary. In this way, risks remain manageable and you limit or reduce them to an acceptable level.

So, what does it mean for finance departments? In the online session Breakaway from Risk, you will get the answer during this online session. Sander Kruis and Bastiaan van de Laar from Team Jumbo-Visma and Luc Godfroid with Adriaan Kom from Visma | Onguard will discuss risk and what it means for an organisation.

Role of the CFO

As CFO, you no longer just check the financial lines, but you are a real strategic player within the company. For you as a CFO, it is important to bundle structured data from the entire organisation and make it available for decision-making, forecasting and budgeting. In this way, you can provide insight into the risks at any time by looking at the current figures.

Curious to know how an order-to-cash platform can support this and how you can Breakaway from Risk?

(English spoken, subtitled in Dutch_