Technical Overview

Integrated with major ERP-systems

We have built an open platform that makes integration with other applications easy. Our web services exchange data with all major ERP-systems.

Is the ERP-system your using not among these? This does not mean we don’t connect with it. Contact one of our experts for more information on which ERP-systems are applicable.

Cloud solution

Our solutions in our private cloud. Via this hosted solution you make use of all the functionalities of your chosen solution via an external network connection without placing extra pressure on your internal IT department. We guide you in determining what solutions suits your organisation best. Contact one of our experts for more information.

API Platform

The Onguard Application Program Interface (API) platform gives customers and trusted partners the opportunity to exchange (near) real-time data in a safe and modern way. The exchange is possible between applications and databases of the customer, the database of Onguard products, and trusted partners who specialise in supporting the customer's order-to-cash process.

Via the extensive monitoring tools of the API platform, Onguard can guarantee that the exchange of data is carried out correctly without disturbing the user experience, and that any faults are detected and resolved proactively.

The associated identity server ensures correct authorization and compliance with security protocols in accordance with the current standard. The identity server also allows Onguard to introduce single sign-on and two-step authentication. In the future, the identity server will be further developed to be able to synchronize with the customer's active directory, so that central employee management for Onguard applications can be arranged centrally.

Only hosted customers can use the API platform and the associated identity server.


Our hosting partner Rackspace is top of the line. This ensures a safe and secure environment in the selected datacentres.

Our hosting package offers:
• 99,8% availability
• GDPR compliant / Safe Harbor
• Data stored in EU / London. EU Privacy shield in place
• Directly available through HTTPS, provides secure access through your web browser from anywhere in the world. All links to and from your application are secured and use encrypted connections. VPN connection is optional (paid option).
• Periodic penetration tests are performed to check our applications for weaknesses
• Disaster recovery test done by Rackspace
• Data backups at the same location and additionally stored off-site
• Back-up retention of 14 days (paid service if longer is needed)
• Data-restore within 1 - 4 hours during business hours.
• Certified hosting partner:
• ISO/IEC 27001, 14001, 18001, 9001
• ISAE3402/SOC 1,2,3
• PCI DSS level 1

Do you want to know more about the possibilities and our hosting package? Contact one of our experts.

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