• Credit check

    Checking the credit rating of persons and businesses to avoid risks and losses
  • Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of the credibility of your customers
  • Credit Insurance

    Insure your debtor portfolio against non-payment

Credit reports

Direct access to the leading credit reporting companies through API's

Risk rating

DBT (Days Beyond Terms)

Trade payment data

Credit limit – Recommendation of the maximum amount of credit that should be outstanding at any time with your debtors

Legal fillings

Group structure and linkages

Financial data

Company information

Payment trends

Credit insurance - PolicyManager

PolicyManager offers an automated administration of your credit insurance policy through API connections with the worlds leading credit insurance companies. PolicyManager is distributed and developed in partnership with AON.

Your benefits

Control your debtor risk

Reduce write-offs

Easier portfolio financing, better conditions

Our partners in Risk Management

We offer you risk management solutions in close collaboration with our partners. Together we would like to investigate what solution of our certified partners suits your needs best.

A smooth implementation

Our qualified consultants help you realize a smooth implementation of the solutions. Firstly, we follow our best practice 7 steps of implementation method. Starting with a blueprint of your organisation, since preparation is 90% of the success when it comes to implementations.

The project team guides you to Go Live with installing, training and testing. Of course, they stay involved after Go Live to make sure everything is running as it should be before they hand you over to our support colleagues.

Customer support centre

Our support experts answer all your questions and grant you access to the customer portal. The portal provides you with information on our solutions, release notes, training materials, and other documents.

The support centre is available 24/7 and you can reach them by phone, chat or e-mail.