Risk Management


Every new customer you acquire exposes your organisation to risk. Are they able to pay the invoice on time? Will they uphold your payment conditions? It is important to know your customer to ensure they are creditworthy. Before you accept a new customer, we advise you to run a credit check. Take the necessary steps to avoid unpleasant surprises and possible problems with payment. Through Onguard’s partnership with risk and insurance advisor Aon, they have developed the SaaS PolicyManager application. The solution automates and optimises the management of customers’ credit insurance programs.


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Overview of your DSO trends and your coverage for outstanding invoices

Buyers dashboard

Different types of buyers, geographical expansion, the activity of the buyers, and the exposure range

Buyers details

Details of each buyer, such as invoices and coverage

Cover dashboard

Shows you the different types of covers and the overview of requested and granted covers

Cover details

the details of each cover, such as which insurer, which type of cover, and the amount of the cover

Risk insight

Overview of your risk management and shows the over-insurance, under-insurance, and exposure of your portfolio

Configure policy of terms and conditions

The list of your policies and the corresponding contract details regarding the policies

Configure business rules

Set your company preferences regarding the organisations cover standards

Your benefits

Control your debtor risk

Reduce write-offs

Easier portfolio financing, better conditions

Our partners

Through Onguard's partnership with Aon, we offer our customer's PolicyManager, an application specifically tailored towards handling the administration and changes that come with managing credit insurance policies. The major advantage of integrated risk management solutions is that credit managers are proactively informed about potential risks of non-payment and debit. PolicyManager automatically signals shortages in limits and provides the corresponding insurance and real-time alerts about, among other things, new applications or increases. It clearly shows what the current coverage is on your outstanding balance. PolicyManager saves you a lot of time by automating administrative operations and lessening your administrative burden. In short:
  • Proactive and real-time information supply
  • Better management of debtor risk
  • Automatic signaling and push notifications about credit applications
  • Automated administrative operations
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Information in a credit report

  • Risk rating
  • DBT (Days Beyond Terms)
  • Trade payment data
  • Credit limit - Recommendation of the maximum amount of credit that should be outstanding at any time with your debtors
  • Legal fillings
  • Group structure and linkages
  • Financial data
  • Company information
  • Payment trends

Integrated data in CreditManager

Credit Risk data, made available from our partners Dun&Bradstreet, Graydon and CreditSafe can be imported into our debt management solution CreditManager as part of the daily import procedure. CreditManager also supports real-time credit risk data through API’s that connect with our Credit Risk partners. Information from our partners, based on advanced data analytics, can be displayed as additional debtor information and can also be used as part of the CreditManager credit score formula. By monitoring possible risk threats, users can be informed pro-actively and dunning procedures can be adjusted to minimize the risks.
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