• Customer segmentation
    Categorisation per customer type, each with own workflow

  • Monitoring
    Easy monitoring through multiple dashboards and reports

  • Dunning strategies
    Implement multiple dunning strategies

  • Credit scoring
    Determining the credibility of customer, based on own and external data

  • Complaint handling
    Fast and easy handling of complaints


CreditManager offers you a web-based complete dunning solution focused on automating as many actions as possible related to the management of high volumes of debtors, or debtors with a troublesome portfolio.

  • Support debtor process via intelligent workflows on basis of debtor segmentation

  • Suitable for high volumes of invoices and debtors

  • Daily agendas for accurate follow up

  • Complaints registration and processing

  • Multiple dashboards

  • Extensive (automail) reports

  • Data integration of Dun & Bradstreet and Graydon, in addition to others

  • Available in 7 languages; Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portugese, French and Italian

  • Role-based authorisation

  • Credit scoring internal and external

  • Insolvency module

  • Collection module

  • Web-based, links with every ERP and other systems

  • Provides strategic insight in your cash flow forecast by extensive analysis set and reports

  • Can be implemented independently, or combined with MatchMaker and/or Collector

Watch the demo of CreditManager here (video)



Categorisation per customer type, each with its own workflow. For example on:

  • Key accounts

  • International customers

  • Debtors with greater risk



Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher
Webclients ASP.Net
Reporting Microsoft Reporting Services
Letters Word / PDF / HTML / XML
E-mail SMTP or Outlook
Development method Scrum
Implementation Prince2


The software can easily be integrated into your corporate environment. Many of our customers opt for ‘Software as a Service’ as it ensures they always have the most recent version. Furthermore, software management is performed for you. Of course, local installation is also possible. Software as a Service offers you great advantages:

  • Access to your workload and / or administrations, anywhere, anytime

  • Focus on your core activities and no extra pressure on your internal IT department

  • Efficient support by our support desk

  • Maximum security

  • Automatic default upgrades to newer versions included in subscriptions

Moreover, this default software is highly configurable, therefore keeping our solutions flexible even in complex situations.


Our qualified consultants help you realize a smooth implementation of the solutions. We follow our best practice ‘7 steps of implementation method‘. This is initiated with our blueprint phase. In this phase we discuss all functional capabilities, make follow-up agreements and a rough time schedule. Above all, proper preparation is 90% of the success when it comes to implementations.

Furthermore, the project team guides you to Go Live with installation, training and testing. They stay involved after Go Live to make sure everything is running as it should be, before they hand you over to our support colleagues.


Our Support experts answer all your questions and grant you access to the customer portal. The portal provides you with information on our solutions, release notes, training materials, and other documents.

The support centre is available 24/7 and you can reach them by phone, chat or email.


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