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Dunning is the fourth link in the order-to-cash chain. It refers to the process of methodically communicating with customers to ensure the collection of accounts receivable.

Outstanding invoices need to be settled as soon as possible, but not at the expense of the relationship with the customer. Our credit management solution, CreditManager, allows you to segment your customers based on their attributes and behaviour. This saves time, so you can focus on the exceptions. You can also easily investigate and resolve complaints through the same platform.



Overview for each financial administration
or consolidates several financial administrations. For example, it provides a summary of agenda items, DSO and ageing.

Cashflow forecasting

Provides more insight and control over the cashflow and working capital for your organisation
Prognoses, history and corrected prognoses of your cashflow based on existing data.

Performance screen

Displays the internal and external KPI's
compared to the desired target.

Credit scoring

Score is calculated that provides insight into the risk of the debtor.
The risk score is determined on the basis of a number of defined parameters. They may be both internal and external parameters.

Debtor cockpit

Relevant key data and a complete financial overview.
each debtor is accessible in the debtors cockpit immediately.


Standard access is gained to more than 50 reports, providing insight at various levels.
If there is any need for additional reports, Onguard can provide them or the user can generate them him-/herself, after completing the correct training.

Customer segmentation

Categorisation per customer type each with its own workflow.
For example on key accounts, international customers or debtors with greater risk.

Email functionality

Send emails to your customers straight out of our system
See communication history with your customers. Send files with attachments like a copy invoice.

Your benefits

Process optimisation

Gain control over your processes

Focus on exceptions and customer relationships

Reduce DSO

Customer segmentation

Cashflow forecasting

Increase customer satisfaction

Cloud and on-premise

Integrated with all major ERP-platforms

Customer Segmentation

Categorise and segment your customers based on type, each with their own personalised workflow. For example:
  • Key accounts
  • International clients
  • Debtors who are high risk

Flawless integration with our other order-to-cash solutions

Risk ManagementCash AllocationCollection
  • Data from our risk management solution, PolicyManager can be imported into our dunning solution CreditManager as part of the daily import procedure.
  • CreditManager also supports real-time credit risk data through API’s that connect with our Credit Risk partners.
  • Information from our partners, based on advanced data analytics, can be displayed as additional debtor information and can also be used as part of the CreditManager credit score formula.
  • By monitoring possible risk threats, users can be informed pro-actively and dunning procedures can be adjusted to minimize the risks.
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  • Payments processed in MatchMaker are immediately visable in CreditManager and these payments will be dismissed from future action.
  • The use of CreditManager as debtor sub administration
    • only new invoices are read instead of the whole database every day. This is convenient if invoicing takes place on multiple systems
  • The journal entry made by MatchMaker can be made on ledger level or debtor level in the main software package (ERP) to guarantee the match
  • Information from CreditManager enhances the logic used in the automatic matching process within MatchMaker
  • CreditManager provides additional information so that MatchMaker can create more accurate suggestions for  manual matching
  • Extra information shared between MatchMaker to CreditManager improves the logic used in the workflows
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  • Transfer outstanding invoices directly to the collection agency via web services - a file will then be created automatically
  • New invoices can be added directly to the file if this is desirable
  • Work is logged from Collector which can also be seen in the CreditManager logbook
  • The collection agency can also request copy invoices
  • The collection agency can also create a task in CreditManager so that a CreditManager user can provide additional information or respond to a request
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Technical Highlights

  • Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher
  • Webclients - ASP.Net
  • Reporting - Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Letters - Word / PDF / HTML / XML
  • E-mail - SMTP or Outlook
  • Development method - Scrum
  • Implementation - Prince2
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Easy Integration

Our credit management tool, CreditManager, can easily be integrated into your corporate environment. As a result, many of our customers opt for the cloud solution.  Of course, a local installation is also possible. The cloud solution offers you great advantages:
  • Offers access to your workload and/or administrations, anywhere, anytime;
  • Allows you to focus on your core activities and no extra pressure on your internal IT department;
  • Access to efficient support by our support desk;
  • Offers maximum security
Moreover, this default software is highly configurable, thus keeping our solutions flexible even in complex situations.
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