• Summons

    Prelegal and legal. Both amicable as legal workflows and actions
  • Prosecution

    Easy handover of claims to DCA’s and bailiffs
  • Execution

About Bailiff

Our credit management applications make it easy and efficient to hand over non-paying customers to DCA’s and bailiffs. The data can be transferred in multiple file formats, and the number of fields in the data set can easily be adjusted to match the requirements of your collection partners. With DCA’s using our Collector tool a full up- and downstream integration can be achieved so that both you and your DCA are always in sync.

Your benefits

Easy handover of claims

Multiple formats possible (CSV, XLS,XML)

Full integration with Collector partners

Our partners in bailiff

We offer you these bailiff solutions in close collaboration with our partners. Together we would like to investigate what solution of our certified partners suits your needs best.

A smooth implementation

Our qualified consultants help you realize a smooth implementation of the bailiff solutions. Preparation is 90% of the success when it comes to implementations. For that reason, we follow our best practice 7 steps of implementation method, starting with a blueprint of your organisation.

The project team guides you to Go Live with installing, training and testing. Naturally, they stay involved after Go Live to make sure everything is running as it should be before they hand you over to our support colleagues.

Customer support centre

Our support experts answer all your questions and grant you access to the customer portal. The portal provides you with information on our solutions, release notes, training materials, and other documents.

The support centre is available 24/7 and you can reach them by phone, chat or e-mail.