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Follow up on invoices in a friendly and flexible manner

Visma | Raet is positioning itself as the HR and payroll software specialist. With its HR software and services, it helps its clients to digitise and automate work processes. This creates more time and space for the human - and often much more inspiring - aspect of the HR profession. Visma | Raet likes to set a good example. They have been actively working on the digital optimisation of their own processes for some time now. In this case, the monitoring and follow-up of outstanding invoices.

Excel falls short

Until recently, Visma | Raet was not supported in the follow-up of invoices by a specialised credit management solution. Agreements were indeed carefully recorded and they drove Excel to maximum performance. But as soon as changes occurred in the process, it became difficult to manually adjust and correctly follow-up on the agreed actions. Excel no longer offered a solution and the jumble of agreements became increasingly complex to manage. It was also almost impossible to analyse the work process and to make improvements, which is exactly what Visma | Raet was aiming for. Reason enough to deploy specific software in this process.


Making good technology better

The fact that Visma | Raet opted for CreditManager from Onguard suggests that the choice was easy. Yet a rigorous selection process preceded it, from which CreditManager ultimately emerged as the best. Van Dael: “As a group we also like to use our own software, so that we can immediately apply and improve it intensively. We all look at technology as techies. We appreciate an ingenious or, on the contrary, very simple solution and we can immediately think along about how we can do it even better. Ultimately, our customers reap the benefits of this.”

Great results

“Having just completed a complete billing migration, monitoring and tracking outstanding invoices, actions, disputes and corrections had become a complex exercise. The diversity of products and services we sell, the various industries we work for and the changing internal customer organisation made follow-up challenging. We kept track of all open issues, questions and payment agreements manually and also communicated a lot internally. That was quite a job and very error-sensitive, which sometimes made us adopt an overly businesslike attitude towards the customer. Moreover, our accounts receivable position increased unnecessarily. Exactly what we don’t want. We want transparent and accessible communication about invoicing and, above all, we want to enter into a pleasant dialogue with our customers. In doing so, we want to be able to move with the customer. A system like CreditManager that helps us with reliable and crystal clear administration enables us to do this.” Tom van Dael, Director of Finance and IT at Visma | Raet

Process support by Client Control

Visma | Raet made a smart intermediate step in automating its credit management. Instead of immediately switching completely to Onguard software, they first engaged another party, namely Client Control. Van Dael: “Client Control uses the Onguard platform, they are experienced in applying it and they also provide extra manpower. Such a flexible shell helped us to keep the work running, while we automated our own processes. We also recently switched to a new accounting software from Visma, and now we want to align all processes and systems. At the same time, in this way we also used the experience of Client Control, which already knew the best practices. While the work went on smoothly, they gave our automation a big boost.”


Lightning-fast implementation

The actual implementation of CreditManager was a piece of cake. The desired working methods had already been crystallised and could be adopted on a one-to-one basis. This saved the Onguard implementation manager several steps. While a full implementation normally takes three to six months, only six weeks was needed. Beneficial to that was the fact that Visma | Raet opted for the standard set-up of work processes. They knew that these were already pretty close to ideal. Van Dael: “Further optimisation can always be done later. For now, we wanted to focus on the users. They were trained in basic usage and also learned administrator tasks such as adding workflows, changing a letter or creating a new document. The entire organisation was ready for a running start. That gives a secure feeling.”

The results

  • We work significantly more efficiently internally and have a shorter processing time for the customer
  • Grip, we control the entire process and are on the ball. The system ensures that we follow a standard debtor process
  • We have continuous insight in to our positions per segment and customer. This information is also accessible to the responsible accountmanagers
  • Transparent and clear file creation in a central location accessible to all stakeholders
  • Professional, we monitor the complete process and al lsteps
  • Flexibility, if necessary we can deviate from the collective agreements in individual cases
  • Transparent and accessible, the system ensures that we have clear information that we can share with our customer. This allows us to have a good conversation with our customer and, if necessary, to move with each other

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