Canon Business Center recorded a 400% decline in DSO with CreditManager

Canon Business Center (CBC) Netherlands is the regional partner for total business optimization. But what exactly do they do?

CBC’s mission is to optimally and efficiently connect business processes within organisations together. CBC Netherlands acts as a European Premium Partner for Canon and focuses on optimising business processes through the efficient structuring of information streams and document management. To emphasise its regional nature, CBC has seven central locations in the Netherlands: Utrecht, Arnhem Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Breda, Goes, Rotterdam and The Hague. CBC wants to ensure that organisations are ready for the
digital future. Alongside the products and services that CBC has developed for this, all its departments must also be designed to meet its clients’ needs.

From Excel to credit management software

Jasper Schot joined the credit management department at CBC as an interim consultant in November 2017: “At the start of my assignment the regional offices’ records had just been merged. Chasing on the basis of Excel lists and scheduling is very time-consuming. In previous assignments I had been accustomed to working with credit management software so that the credit managers have their hands free to address major issues.” Based on this, Schot invited three software suppliers to show what they had to offer. “Onguard was one of the companies. I had worked with CreditManager from Onguard before and was very satisfied with it. They are the market leader, and there’s a reason for that. Even though Onguard is not the cheapest provider I know that they offer the quality that our clients also expect of CBC. CBC was going through a growth phase – we were acquiring more clients and therefore more turnover. A reliable software package was essential for us. That brought us to Onguard, and we started the implementation,” explains Schot.

Jasper Schot | Credit management consultant
Jasper Schot | Credit management consultant:
"Complaints management runs smoothly thanks to CreditManager. "
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