Agilitas Group

“With CreditManager, we made a huge step forward in the automation of our day-to-day tasks”

Agilitas has been a specialist in human resource management for over 30 years. The group comprises several brands and therefore offers full HR coverage in the Dutch, Belgian and part of the Polish markets.

The organisation is bursting with ambition. Every day, all of the employees focus on improving the HR world with ambitions to further digitalise and automate processes.

Digitalisation & automation

Before switching to Onguard, Agilitas worked with another system which just couldn't fulfil their requirements. Bart de Padt, Credit & Billing Manager: “Our previous system did not include a listing option and it was only possible to inform customers by post. We are an ambitious organisation and our dunning approach must reflect this. So, after realising that we’d outgrown our system, we started our search. We had formulated a clear selection criteria beforehand: we wanted a system that was user-friendly enough to manage ourselves, but we wanted professional guidance during the integration of the new software too. It also had to offer us the opportunity to automate and digitalise processes and offer a great price to quality ratio. With this criteria, we quickly came across Onguard, it stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest and we were sure that it was the right move for us.”

Great results!

“Thanks to the automation, we work with the same number of FTEs as five years ago, but we’ve experienced 6% annual average growth during that period.” - Bart de Padt, Credit & Billing Manager

Improved efficiency in daily tasks

The credit collectors at Agilitas no longer need to sort through all the invoices to find out which are still outstanding. They use the colleagues who work closest to the customers. De Padt says it is a huge weight off his mind: “Every day, the credit collectors receive a list of people who have to be called which is facilitated by the digital workflow. The status of an invoice is clear, at a glance. We have also implemented a company-wide approach by giving all offices access to CreditManager. Our colleagues in the offices are the people who have the most contact with our customers and therefore, the closest relationship. They know just how to tackle the issue of outstanding invoices, and they find ways to ensure the amount is paid.”

Improved efficiency in daily tasks


De Padt has been extremely satisfied since the start of the collaboration: “Onguard really listen to its customers. I can give them my feedback on customer days, tickets are processed in a professional manner and our Account Manager ensures issues are resolved quickly. They do exactly what you’d expect from a great partner. As a business, you don’t want to invest in the latest technologies, you want your partner to closely monitor developments and intervene when they believe they could improve or accelerate business. In the world of credit management, we must make the maximum use of automation. Onguard is our partner in the fight against defaulters.”

When looking towards the future, de Padt is optimistic: “We are planning to continue our collaboration. Together with Onguard, we are working on a range of ambitious plans. We would like to make the best use of the software.”

As an experienced Credit & Billing manager, de Padt is very clear on the issues other credit managers may face. He advises other credit experts to carry out thorough research into tools that are available on the market. “Make a clear wish-list and explore. There are extensive options which are very expensive, but there are also possibilities to automate certain processes with just a small investment. Draw up a cost/benefit analysis to see what a tool can do for you. Because, as all professionals know, cash is king. The quicker you can persuade your customers to pay, the more efficient your business will run.”

The results

  • The average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) has been reduced by two days
  • The customer portfolio has expanded and is still growing without additional FTE being required
  • The number of outstanding payments after the expiry date has been reduced from 15% to 11%
  • All offices are aware of customers’ payment behaviour
  • Workflows are automated and can be personalised
  • Reminders and demands are sent to customers via various channels
  • The chances of lost, unpaid invoices are zero

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