Agilitas-group specialises in human resource management. The group comprises ten brands and therefore offers full HR coverage in the Dutch, Belgian and parts of the Polish markets. With around 150 offices and over 750 employees, Agilitas-group is a fixture within HR service provision and a valuable partner for its customers.

The organisation is bursting with ambition. Every day, all of the employees focus on improving the HR world with ambitions to further digitalise and automate processes. When it comes to credit management, Agilitas-group has been using Onguard’s CreditManager since 2013; which has been linked into the ERP and accounting systems.

Improved efficiency in day-to-day tasks

The credit collectors at Agilitas-group no longer need to sort through all the invoices to find out which are still outstanding. They use colleagues who work closest to the customers. De Padt says it is a huge weight off his mind: “Every day, the credit collectors receive a list of people who have to be called which is facilitated by the digital workflow. The status of an invoice is clear, at a glance. We have also implemented a company-wide approach by giving all offices access to CreditManager. Our colleagues in the offices are the people who have the most contact with our customers and therefore, the closest relationship. They know, based on this relationship, how to tackle the issue of outstanding invoices and find a way to ensure the amount is paid.”

Results using CreditManager at Agilitas-group

  • The average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) has been reduced
  • The customer portfolio has expanded and is still growing without additional FTE being required.
  • The number of outstanding payments after the expiry date has been reduced from 15 to 11%
  • All offices are aware of the customers’ payment behaviour
  • Workflows have been automated and can be personalised
  • Reminders and demands can be sent to the customer via various channels
  • The chances of unpaid invoices getting lost are zero
Bart de Padt / Credit & Billing manager
Bart de Padt / Credit & Billing manager:
"Thanks to the automation, we now work with the same number of FTE as five years ago, although we’ve experienced 6% annual average growth during that period."
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