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Looking for the best webinars on finance? Look no further. Onguard’s webinars give you more insight in topics such as order-to-cash, credit management and how credit management software can help you work more efficiently. All our webinars are free to watch so feel free to get started right away.


Webinar recordings

Red teams security

Coffee with Vera Schut and Bas Kemme, IntotheNXT

During this coffee conversation, Vera Schut and Bas Kemme of IntotheNXT will share all exciting developments around NFTs, the metaverse, Web 3.0 and smart contracts.

Red teams security

Webinar: Breakaway from risk

A successful risk management programme helps an organisation consider the full range of risks it faces. Risk management also examines the relationship between risks and the cascading impact they can have on an organisation’s strategic goals.


Webinar: Enabling company growth with growth hacking

Can you use growth hacking tactics in your finance department? That’s the question we ask our guests during this online session, where a growth hacking expert and an order-to-cash specialist will discuss the importance of growth.

trends in credit industry

Roundtable: Exploring 4 years of tech trends

From Brexit to the pandemic, we have seen pivotal changes in the trends in the credit industry. At the fore is digital transformation and new technology such as RPA and AI. They enable organisations to adapt and remain competitive.


Coffee with Atul Vadher, CICM

While enjoying a cup of coffee, Andy Bass, Business Developer at Onguard, was in conversation with Atul Vadher, CICM Branch Chair and Advisory Council Member on ‘Credit where credit’s due’.


Coffee with James Smith, CreditSafe

While enjoying an afternoon cuppa, Floor Stam, VP Marketing at Onguard, interviews James Smith, Strategic Relationship Manager at CreditSafe on the importance of credit risk information in today’s climate and how to better prepare for the uncertain future that lies ahead in 2021.


Coffee with Elisabeth Doppelhofer, Adecco

While enjoying a morning cuppa, Floor Stam, VP Marketing at Onguard, interviews Elisabeth Doppelhofer, Head of Credit at Adecco on their approach to its collections and customers during the pandemic.


Coffee with Sue Chapple, CICM

While enjoying an afternoon cuppa, Floor Stam, VP Marketing at Onguard, welcomes Sue Chapple, Chief Executive of CICM to this coffee conversation.