How can your credit management department ensure customers pay faster?

Onguard believes in the power of an efficient order-to-cash process. Onguard’s seamlessly interconnected complete order-to-cash platform offers an overview and control of the entire payment process while maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. An efficient dunning process lies at the core of order-to-cash and is vital in ensuring steady payment from customers.

Our credit management solution

Onguard’s solution CreditManager provides you with the oversight needed to efficiently manage your credit management processes. Have customer’s complete financial histories and information at your fingertips. Furthermore, monitor and segment your debtors, implement multiple dunning strategies and determine the credibility of customers through credit scoring all on a single, automated platform.

Our credit management tool helps your organisation minimise credit risk, shorten your days of sales outstanding (DSO) and promote a healthy, if not increasing, cash flow.

Why switch to CreditManager?
  • Decrease DSO
  • Customer segmentation
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Nurture customer relationships + increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase your working capital