CFO Services:

Moving beyond the finance function, CFO Services is one of TriFinance’s expert specialty units. We offer innovative management consulting solutions to the C-level community, specializing in complexity reduction, business process management, change management, data strategy and analytics, credit management and finally, corporate reporting.

Next level credit management

Taking credit management to a more strategic level, the Credit Management practice helps organizations make strategic decisions in the best possible way, preparing them for the future. That’s why we focus on four activities:

  • Firstly, Process optimization: Working with the end-to-end process in mind is the key to success. By running a quick scan, we map processes across several departments, analyzing and optimizing them according to best practices.
  • Secondly, Tool selection and implementation: Qualified people must have access to the right systems. We assist in outlining the appropriate system requirements, drawing upon extensive knowledge of credit management tools to support clients in their search for the best solution.
  • Thirdly, Training: Professional credit management starts with qualified people having sufficient knowledge and skills to optimally execute their tasks. We help people to sharpen their skills.
  • and Fourthly, Temporary support and Recruitment & Selection: In unforeseen circumstances, CFO Services offers temporary support by deploying experienced Project Consultants and Interim Managers. Furthermore, we can find the right credit management professionals on all levels to staff your organization.

We know how to do-how

We call our service ‘do-how’. That’s a contraction of ‘know-how’ and ‘do’ because our experts combine functional knowledge with a pragmatic approach. We do not just deliver a report, instead, we help you implement our solutions. We start out analyzing and improving credit management processes and capture the results in a credit policy. Afterwards, we help you roll out solutions, train your employees, select the best tools for your organization and, if necessary, provide temporary support for your team. We collaborate closely with clients to create a roadmap towards their ideal situation, and we support them in getting there.

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What’s in it for you

You will be able to:

  • improve your customer’s service experience
  • manage your credit risk
  • manage and reduce your DSO
  • increase productivity by automating low-value
  • adding tasks
  • support your employees with tools & training


Cooperating with the best parties in the market is essential for us. That is why we have a number of prefered software partners. Thus we implement the software, perform quick scans for existing implementations and provide training.

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