SHS Viveon

SHS Viveon

SHS VIVEON AG offers software-based customer management solutions for risk and credit management. The applications and consultancy services offered by SHS VIVEON allow companies to control the potential and risks of their clients in a professional and automated manner. Thus helping them establish lasting customer relationships and achieve a clear competitive advantage in the digital world.

Not only SMEs but also international clients from the banking sector and other financial service providers as well as trade and industry make use of software solutions developed by SHS VIVEON: DebiTEX (credit management), GUARDEAN RiskSuite (risk management) and proofitBOX (payment method control in e-commerce).

With DebiTEX, the solution for successful credit management, you can digitalise, efficiently manage and automate your credit management processes. With the software, you always keep control of all internal and external data available on your customers. Thus, you reduce the average days of sales outstanding (DSO) effectively, along with the loan losses and your credit costs.

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