E-invoicing in CreditManager

Onguard works in partnership with Order2Cash to bring you e-invoicing within CreditManager. This enables customers to view and query invoices in their own accounting system. If necessary, an incorrect invoice can be credited and a new correct invoice issued. Customers can also specify how they want to receive their invoices (by text or email for example) and their preferred method of payment. If a customer wants a copy of an invoice, this can easily be arranged in CreditManager. Besides allowing you to offer additional services, integrated e-invoicing enables faster and more secure invoicing and reduces the risk of non-payment. Payments can be accepted anywhere, irrespective of your (or your customer’s) location.


Order2Cash offers a single platform to manage your entire order-to-cash cycle. All processes, one platform. The platform offers solutions for credit risk and customer assessment, secure digital contract signing, electronic invoicing, online payments, credit management, collections and more. Manage, accelerate and analyze all aspects of your order to cash cycle through this revolutionary platform, which integrates with over 700 ERP systems and complies with all EU and other international VAT/TAX and invoicing requirements.

Core service areas:

Credit Risk & Customer Assessment

  • Purchase Credit Risk reports and analysis
  • Management Dashboard
  • Decision model building tools

Secure Digital Contract Signing

  • Fully online contract flow
  • Enhanced e-signature technology
  • Full audit trail and timestamps for each document
  • Strong authentication and bank-level security standards
  • Management dashboard and customer document portal

e-Invoicing & Payments

  • High volume batch processing
  • Multi-format, multi-channel delivery options
  • Multi-language support
  • UBL ready
  • Extensive interoperability network with global B2B & B2G invoice networks
  • Quarantine functionality for strengthened approval workflows
  • 7 year document archive as standard
  • Direct pay-links for accelerating payment timetables
  • Support multiple international payment options

Credit management & collections

  • Debtor profile management
  • Multiple workflow support
  • Full archive of debtor, invoice, payment and reconciliation data
  • Extensive reporting on all activity levels
  • Online dispute management

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