Gallus Credit Agency

Gallus Credit Agency

Gallus Credit Agency was founded by Marco den Haan, an all-round Credit Management expert in the broadest sense with experience within large multinationals and SMEs, in April 2013.

Gallus Credit Agency is the expert in managing and optimizing the ‘Order to Cash’ process in a financially, operationally and commercially responsible and consistent manner. This comes down to the management and continuous perfection of:

  • Credit Risk
  • Collections
  • Cash Flow
  • Customer Relationship

The name “Gallus” means in Latin “Haan”. In addition, a rooster, among other things, also known for her vigilance. And vigilance is very important within Credit Management as:

Vigilance is required with regard to outstanding (and usually expired) invoices from your customers.

Vigilance is also required regarding the creditworthiness of your customers.

And, given the deteriorating economic situation in certain parts of the world, vigilance regarding doing business in specific countries.

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