Flanderijn is one of the top credit management organizations in the Netherlands. Not only in size, but also in quality. In the past 70 years, Flanderijn has developed from a one-man business in Rotterdam into a leading organization with 12 offices in the Netherlands and Belgium which employ over 600 people. Nowadays Flanderijn is a service provider that is able to provide its clients with a complete and full service package in the area of credit management, from secondment and debt collection to litigation and enforcement of judgment. All tasks are performed on a consistent high-quality level. Flanderijn is always focused on achieving the optimal result for the client, by means of an integrated approach which covers the entire debt collection process.

One stop shopping

Behind every debt there’s a story. At Flanderijn we understand this like no other. Therefore we choose for a solution-oriented collection method. This ensures better collection results with respect for your relations. The complete debt collection process is carried out within one organization. For our clients, this means significant time savings, uniformity and up-to-date management information. Together we develop a collection process that seamlessly matches the commercial and financial requirements of our clients. During the entire process you can count on advice from our legal staff and account managers.

Credit insurance

In addition to debtor management, Flanderijn also acts as an independent collection partner for the customers of Mercury (a Dutch credit insurer on the European market) with the aim of improving the risk profile (management and acceptance) at the best credit insurance conditions. All insurance policies are fully covered by Lloyd’s of London. The infrastructure of Flanderijn with more than 600 employees is designed to deal directly with debtor management and claims handling. This combination of credit insurance and credit management leads to a unique proposition with risk acceptance and credit facility.

Call center

In order to facilitate a cooperation such as the one with Mercury, Flanderijn has its own call center that can be reached during the week from 8.00 until 20.00. With these call center services we also offer a full back office solution for other companies. Flanderijn believes in personal contact as the key to a successful collection. We use all communication channels to get in touch with your customers, to speak with them and to make payment agreements. We approach your customers as if they were our customers

Knowledge Management

Flanderijn also has its own training department: Flanderijn Trainingen. The primary task of this department is to school and train our employees. In addition, our legal and debt collection trainings are provided to other legal professionals but also to clients and third parties. Key concepts in this respect are: coordination, enthusiasm, diversity and motivation. The trainings are developed on the basis of a clear vision of debtor management and debt collection: a business-like, respectful approach to debtors, with integrity, yields the best debt collection result!

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