Creditsafe solution

From deciding which prospects to pursue to maintaining a balanced portfolio, understanding the credit risk associated with each customer is vital to protecting your business.
With comprehensive credit reports on people and companies around the world, we make managing your own credit risk an easy task.
Creditsafe credit risk solutions are designed to provide finance and credit teams with all the tools and details needed to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Integration with CreditManager

Integration with CreditManager

  • Retrieve trustworthy and current risk indicators on debtor level through API’s
  • Create verified credit limit amounts based on up to date risk information
  • Real-time adjustments on debtor level when key risk indicators change
  • Display calamities, risk information and use these components in calculations, reports and decision making
About Creditsafe

About Creditsafe

Creditsafe gives businesses a clear and complete view of their commercial landscapes. With thousands of data sources, they help businesses to develop trusting and valuable relationships by revealing the full picture behind the companies they work with.

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