Creditcubes, the specialist in credit management Reports

Creditcubes combines years of hands-on experience in the Credit Management domain with the latest technologies in the field of data processing. With the help of advanced algorithms and customer-specific business rules, Creditcubes provides reports that you really want!

Creditcubes is now available as an extra module with the Onguard software.


  • specific/domain terminology, fully based on the Credit Management process and using the terminology of your organization
  • actual and historical insight, trend analyses overall treatment phases
  • ease of use, quick insight through filters and ultimate drill-down possibilities
  • connects with Onguard out of the box, both on CreditManager, Collector, Connext and ICMS.

Creditcubes is a cloud solution, which means that the reports can be viewed and retrieved from any location 24 hours a day. All of this, of course, fully secured according to latest standards.

Credit Management reports

1. Operational Control – save time and money
The reports provide insights into current and historical data & trends on outstanding items, the effectiveness of your call, letter and mail actions and the process times of treatment(sub)phases. This provides insight into which customers should be treated first, what treatment is most successful and finally, where measures can be taken to improve the customer experience and optimize internal processes.

2. Sales – address your customers
The reports gives the account manager insight into the current and historical payment behaviour of their customer(s) on every device at any time of the day. Not only what is unpaid but also outstanding complaints and other debt management related details.

3. Risk – reduce the risks through predictive analytics
These reports group the customers by their payment behaviour. In addition, they calculate risk indicators. If you know the (historical) behaviour of the debtor, you can address the debtor in a way that is appropriate.

Onguard and Creditcubes, a super solution together.

Together the Creditcubes and Onguard solutions assure you of convenience, insight and time savings so that you can optimise the processes efficiently, in a customer-friendly manner and at lower costs.

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