Who is CMI?

  • The Credit Management Instituut (abbreviated CMI) is ‘The education partner for Credit Professionals’ because of their market leading position as educator since the last century. They have a right to exist for over more than 18 years.
  • CMI facilitates companies with open training- and education programs and with incompany (customized) programs.
  • CMI their total portfolio is CEDEO recognized.
  • Another distinctive character CMI cherishes, is an accredited education program titled “Post-HBO Leergang Credit Professional” including the official registered title RCP (Registered Credit Professional).
  • CMI is distinguished not only by other providers in the market by the attention given to obtaining knowledge and understanding in the field, but also by paying attention to behavioral skills.
  • Part of CMI is CMI Books. Publisher and developer of its own professional literature about Credit Management and debt collection, personal effectiveness and work-related topics. The book “Strategic Working Capital” in 2014 was even nominated as ‘Management Book of the year‘.
  • CMI has made his mark the last 18 years in particular in the top 500 companies including a variety of collections and special asset management departments of banks, insurance companies, consumer credit institutions and build a nice portfolio of customers and references.
  • Trainers associated with CMI all have a teaching background and the trainers treat as confidential all information regarding an organization-have a code of silence-and Act further in accordance with the professional code of the NTRO (Dutch Council for Training and Education).

Features of our trainings/courses:

  • A wide variety of teaching methods (lecture, teaching calls, command forms, storytelling, use of case study and evaluation, role playing and evaluation, using film clips, discussion and meta-communication).
  • Great interactivity and pro-activity.
  • A safe learning environment where only observable behavior is returned.
  • A lot of humor and fun to color the optimal learning capacity of the participants.
  • Impression video of the trainer Raimond Honig at work

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