Onguard and Alphacomm make e-invoicing and digital payment reminders available to all Onguard users.

Alphacomm provides a multichannel communication platform that has been specially developed for optimizing the Order to Cash process. Digital invoicing, multichannel reminders and online payments directly contribute to the most important KPIs of our customers. E-invoicing and direct debit authorizations are essential tools for every department that is in charge of invoicing. Modern designed invoices and mobile responsive landing pages are designed for the right brand experience and ease of payment. SEPA e-mandates fulfils all requirements that are imposed on single or continuous direct debit authorizations.

Multichannel payment reminders are powerful tools for every modern credit manager. All media from Alphacomm are made to achieve results. They provide a direct impact on the debt collection result, costs and customer satisfaction resulting in lower churn and lower costs for incoming questions. Voice messaging, SMS, e-mail, personalized video, WhatsApp and QR codes on letters.

Alphacomm helps organizations to use this powerful toolbox as efficiently as possible. Our employees are experts in the field of order to cash processes and they help to optimize the invoicing and debtor management.

Our customers are mainly larger organizations with consumers as customers such as collection agencies, energy suppliers, insurance companies, telecom operators and housing corporations.

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