AcceptEasy – omnichannel payment requests for Onguard

AcceptEasy connects Onguard users to their customers with omnichannel payment requests throughout the order-to-cash cycle. We provide an easy, secure and transparent experience for consumers and small businesses to pay bills and reminders from email, text, WhatsApp, chat, social, portal, paper and more.

Both Onguard and Credittools clients rely on AcceptEasy to reach customers in the right place at the right time with the right message linking to the payment methods depending on the country, the situation and context. For example, iDEAL in the Netherlands, Sofort in Germany, Bancontact in Belgium, and Paypal and credit card wherever that makes sense.

The AcceptEasy cloud solution, integrated via API or file exchange, provides several crucial and unique components to optimize the process for both the company and its customers:

  • Cross-channel integrity: a given payment request can be delivered via multiple channels at different moments in time. All instances synchronize their status in real-time, bringing transparency and avoiding conflict.
  • Real-time tracking: Onguard and its users can track the status of every message and payment, confirming payment even if the money still takes a day or two to arrive.
  • Dynamic messages: using patented technology, our emails and payment buttons can change appearance to reflect status – turning from payment requests to payment receipts (or expiring after the due date).
  • Automatic preminders: both the sender and receiver can choose to have a preminder sent prior to the due date to avoid late payment, whether via the same channel or a different one.
  • Messaging expertise: AcceptEasy knows how to get emails and other messages delivered and acted upon, both on a technical level and a user experience level.
  • Payment options: next to fixed amounts, payment requests can also connect the customers to multiple amount options, an open amount, payment plans and more.
  • Digital Transition Service: a Flexible and efficient process to enable digital communication over the old fashioned paper trail.

AcceptEasy is proud to serve many leading brands in industries like insurance, energy, telecom, housing, travel and more. Examples of Onguard clients are available on request.

Headquartered near Amsterdam, our ISO-certified operations support clients in the Netherlands, other European countries and North America. For more information please fill in the form on the right.

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