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How efficient and effective is your order to cash process?

In collaboration with our partner Gallus Credit Agency we now provide a unique online “quick scan” of your process. By answering only 13 questions you will receive a customised report by mail (within 3 business days) that provides you with useful insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of your order to cash process.

Looking for a more in-depth scan? Gallus Credit Agency experts are available to visit your business and analyse your current process, in person.
Following their visit you will receive an extensive report of their findings with recommendations for improvements.
Wish to know more about the possibilities of this in-depth scan? Contact one of our representatives, Anne-Jet or Mitzy.

About Gallus Credit Agency

Gallus Credit Agency is specialised in working capital management, with a main focus on order to cash optimisation. After all, cash is still strong.