Whitepaper: From risk management to bailiff: Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash platform


From risk management to bailiff: Onguard’s integrated order-to-cash platform

Order-to-cash is a business process that involves a series of stages. It starts with a customer’s purchase and ends with the payment and processing of the invoice. An efficient and effective order-to-cash is vital in ensuring a company’s success as well as fostering strong customer relationships. From risk management to credit and receivables management: each stage affects the next. By linking these stages and having an integrated order-to-cash platform companies gain greater control of the entire process. By seamlessly combining intelligent tools, accurate (and often critical) information can flow freely throughout the organisation and be accessed by everyone so there is always an overview.

CreditManager and the order-to-cash process

Credit management is central to the order-to-cash process. Onguard’s CreditManager helps ensure the payment of outstanding invoices as soon as possible, without putting undue pressure on the relationship with the customer. CreditManager was developed by Onguard and communicates with leading ERP applications. As a tool it provides access to all relevant customer and billing data. By linking this stage of the order-to-cash process to the other stages, it is possible to access accurate information in the right area of the order-to-cash process at any time. But how do you transition from separate stages to a single high-performance platform? This whitepaper explains how Onguard assembled a single integrated order-to-cash platform from the point of view of credit management. In discussing the different solutions integrated with our CreditManager application, we explain exactly what each tool does and what the benefits are. Furthermore, we explain the execution of the integrations.

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