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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Order to Cash and credit management

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. This memorable phrase originates from one of the most famous leaders in the field of IT: Steve Jobs. He realised early on that stubbornly clinging on to traditional practices does not help an organisation move forward. The world is continuously changing and if an organisation wants to keep up, continuous innovation is crucial.

However, innovation not only involves devising and introducing new gadgets to the market. Experimenting with new technology and trying ideas to create added value for the organisation, employees and customers, are at least as important. Hence, in a world where customers are decreasingly loyal, have higher expectations and want to benefit from a personal approach, it is necessary to continuously differentiate oneself from the competition.

“It is undeniable that a major revolution is going on within the financial world. Digitization is making its appearance everywhere. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have an influence on the future of finance. These new technologies make innovation possible; what does this mean for Order to Cash and credit management? You can read this and more in our whitepaper.”

The future of finance under the influence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Organisations have just one option: start innovating in order to stay relevant to customers. Following trends and developments within the different sectors is one way of staying informed about what’s going on. However, you won’t make a difference simply by following trends. It’s about what we – people – do with them. To establish the extent to which the finance professional is already aware of the different trends, Onguard conducted a survey of over 300 finance professionals. The “2018 FinTech Barometer” enquired about the latest trends and developments in finance and the impact on one of the most important processes for organisations’ continuous cash flow: the Order to Cash process.

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