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“Start making smart use of your data so you can look into your own crystal ball and take informed business decisions.”

Improve the predictability of your credit management

“We should have seen that coming…” Chances are you’ve uttered this phrase more often than you would like to as a result of an unexpected event impacting your credit management activities. More often than not, the phrase should have been “We could have seen that coming”. If you’ve got your credit management up to a strategic level, it might even become “We CAN see that coming!”.

Successful credit management is fundamentally about increasing the predictability and thereby reducing the risk associated with your cash inflow. By making
smart use of data supported by Onguard’s technology, you can look into your own crystal ball, allowing you to make more informed business decisions and reducing risk for the future.

This paper will give you an overview of the variety of sources that are available and possible approaches that you can choose to help you construct your own crystal ball of credit management.

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