Whitepaper | Data-driven organisations


The impact of data-driven organisations on daily practice | FinTech Barometer 2020

Companies are collecting more information than ever before. Nevertheless, many companies are still unable to convert data from the various sources into information and, ultimately, insights. Data-driven organisations, however, are doing exactly this, and it’s making an enormous difference for these companies’ finance departments.

Onguard’s annual FinTech Barometer shows that 27% of financial professionals describe their organisation as being data-driven, and 7% even believe their company is completely data-driven. Over half (57%) of finance professionals state that their organisation will become so within three years. The biggest obstacles to creating a data-driven organisation are combining data from various internal and external
sources and gaining optimum value from it (40%) and the lack of expertise in data processes and analysis (36%). This whitepaper advises finance professionals on how they can help transform their company into a data-driven organisation, thereby enabling them to predict customer behaviour and reap the benefits of doing so.

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