5 Calculations no Credit Manager should do by hand


5 calculations no credit manager should do by hand

An ambitious credit manager wants to achieve maximum results – results made visible through a number of measurements and metrics. Daily measurements from your credit management environment, showing the financial health of your receivables portfolio and how your team is performing against their targets, are essential in order to stay on track with your ambitious plans.

Automatically extracting data through the use of software

At Onguard we know how important measurements and the resulting insights are to our customers. Therefore, we have built calculations and metrics into our software which every credit manager should know and have easily accessible. This means no more collecting information from various systems topped up by hours of Excel building. Instead, a clear, consistent, relevant and reliable data is made available to you on-demand.

“Imagine this: No more collecting information from various systems topped up by hours of Excel building, but clear, consistent, relevant and reliable data available to you on-demand.”

Download this whitepaper and find five calculations you really shouldn’t be doing yourself.

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